Let It Go, Frozen

Yeah so in Switzerland there’s this thing called half day Wednesdays and because of Amen’s schedule we only had one class today! So I’m spending my day watching Youtube. Yay! Anyway this is just a pretty song. Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Let It Go, Frozen

  1. Cindy Kelly

    Nice hon…..it’s only 9:40 here and I work tonight too so my day is just beginning 😦 Is Amen riding today? Do you get to go to the barn with her?? Hope all is well and lets plan a skype date on Saturday…Mallie will get Burt set up so we will use his computer…then we will be set up and good to go for future dates:) Love you and have a great day honey!!….oops..evening I guess….it’s late afternoon there:)

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