Adventures in Geneva

Geneva is such a beautiful city. I love that every way you look you can see mountains! Blessed to call this place home for the next few months!

1010633_663760133681463_133888047_n - Copy 1013733_663760033681473_136386348_n - Copy 1545935_663760357014774_761715641_n - Copy 1618433_663760017014808_630035198_n - Copy 1618619_663760043681472_382695233_n - Copy 1623738_663759903681486_1824291557_n - Copy 1660226_663760310348112_2022753898_n - Copy 1796672_663760383681438_1378946247_n - Copy 1888560_663760237014786_1629105162_n - Copy 1891101_663759977014812_800529951_n - Copy 1925236_663760097014800_1542120001_n 1932312_663760163681460_1781238401_n 1959504_663760113681465_407430015_n 1965052_663760333681443_399555319_n 20140217_165856


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